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March plans; get fit, get rich, get organized

March is nearly here and I need to take stock and do a bit of planning.

My girlfriend is keen for the 2 of us to run a 10k this year, something I’ve not done since 2007 and at the moment I’m a long way off being fit enough to consider it.  Cue action point 1;

  • Get fit(ter)

I had plans last year to get my finances sorted and make the step into becoming a home owner, something that I had sidestepped before as it just wasn’t suitable with the amount of moving about the globe I was doing.  Then when I was looking at houses with a view to buy I got made redundant.   When the cash flow stops, buying a house becomes a moot point. Action point 2;

  • Get some kind of longer term budget together

Lastly and perhaps the most pertinent of the 3 is the fact that after being made redundant I decided to take a year away from my career, do a lot of snowboarding, watch the Olympics and take it easy.   That year is now about up the Olympics all but over and I have to decide whether or not I’m going to continue with the slackers lifestyle I have created for myself or get back in the throws of the corporate world.  And if the decision is yes, what I am going to do, and where am I going to do it?

It makes my head spin when I consider the possibilities, this time last year I had no idea I would be here, I have no clue where I will be next year but knowing where I want to be will be a start.   Time to put on the big boy pants and get my shit together. Action point 3;

  • Get organized

More Olympics, more events, more medals…

Pretty much like the title says !

Olympics, events & medal ceremonies

I’ve managed top attend a view of the events, some more exciting than others but I’ve taken my camera along to all but one so here are a few pics;

Luger death makes prime time viewing

Yesterday lunch time I was at he deli counter at the local supermarket when the server mentioned that one of the Olympic athletes competing in the luge had died during a practice run.  Its a pretty small town, although currently on the world radar, its still a small town at heart.  To hear the news in a shop on a lunch break is not really that surprising, but I was a bit surprised ta the media coverage that followed.

Not that the death garnered so much coverage, more the fact that they optioned to show his death on  the news.


The guy wasnt even cold yet.   Doesnt sit right with me, I didn’t know the guy but I think that if it had been a friend of mine I would have been livid.  At a later date in reflection I could see the justification, but as it stands it seems TV networks rushed to bring ‘the shocking footage’ to viewers.

Not cool.

Lack of decent magazines

I used to buy a lot of magazines, I would say at a minimum a couple a month, every month for years.  I remember having a copy of FHM when it was very much a fashion magazine for men (although I didn’t actually buy it, I was 12) back when they still put men on the front cover opposed to scantily clad women.   I went through the stages of buying Maxim, Loaded, FHM in its hey day and even going back to Sky magazine.  No not the TV supplement that comes through the door but a mens magazine from the 80’s/90’s.

They brought me pictures of Cameron Diaz when all I had seen her in was ‘The Mask”, for that the 14 year old in me will always be thankful.

As time passed and my tastes changed I starting buying more varied publications, a large selection of cooking magazines, Olive was always a good one for some weekend recipes, and Men’s Health for trips to the gym to burn back off the extra weight created by the aforementioned recipes.

The upsurge in internet news means that I no longer need a magazine that tells me about out of date happenings, and more over offers me 3 pages of adverts for everyone of topical info, I can find recipes quicker and easier for free with a little help from google.

These days though, I stare at the magazine rack and end up walking away empty handed, I occasionally buy Men’s Health, but I don’t go to the gym anymore, I sometimes buy Snowboarding mags but as much as I love it I’m not that fussed to read about it.

Is it too much to ask to get something interesting to read thats not a novel?

Browsing the classified ads for fur trade dilemma

Whilst waiting for my lunch yesterday ( I was eating out, I have neither or butler or a Simpson’s style helper monkey as that opening text may suggest) I was browsing the local papers buy and sell classified items when something caught my eye.

I can but my very own polar bear rug.  Thats right a 2nd hand polar bear rug, for a mere $3600.  WTF.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for protecting your feet from the cold floor, but really would a bit of carpet be more fitting? Literally?

I’m not a Peta member, I’m not going to join either, I have no plans to ever become a vegetarian but even I cant help but think every time I saw the remains of a once great animal spread out beneath my feet I’d feel a bit sad that it wasn’t off munching seal lions in the wild some where.  I think, no in fact I know that spending that $3600 on a once in a life time trip to the Arctic to see these things in the wild would be way more worth while.

Olympic torch comes to town

With the winter Olympics now only days away the torch rocked up into town before heading down into Vancouver.   It was enjoyable to be part of a sea of smiling faces, the Olympics conjure up a bit of conflict those who love sport byt perhaps hate the corporate feel that he modern Olympics has.  None of that was evident tonight, just lots of happy people.

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