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Home; and eating well

Back home after a stint on airport/airline/cheap hotel food and I made myself a cottage pie. It’s a fantastic dish for that “home” feel.

I now have a full belly and a glass of red wine.

Happy days.


“On the road again”update

I ended up getting an upgrade to business class for my flight, so it wasn’t so bad after all. Love it when that happens.

If only I didn’t have to spend time in the jumped up shopping mall that is heathrow terminal 5 and it would have been perfect.

On the road again

I travel with work pretty regularly and often get to go to some interesting places, although I’ve been home for a while now and I’ve got out of the ‘groove’ of regular international travel.

This trip is not looking interesting, I’m not heading anywhere new or exciting, insteadI’m going back to a city I used to live in. It would be made a lot more positive if I was going to have the chance to catch up with old friends but unfortunately my days are looking pretty busy with work, and that’s what pays the bills.

I guess overall I’m not feeling that motivated for it, but then it’s 10pm on a Sunday night and the next 12 hours will be filled with trying (most likely unsuccessfully) to get some sleep whilst sitting in a chair next t a complete stranger.


I found a…..


I don’t think anyone had lost it, but I’m chuffed all the same.

Cape Breton

Conundrum solved

Turns out my day off wasn’t wasted, after a lot of sitting around I took the dog for a run and stepped it up a bit and knocked out my first 10km run of the year. I have my eye on a 10km race at the end of next month but work commitments mean I’m 99% sure to be out of town.

I think having that at the back of my mind means I’ve slacked off my running a bit, but despite the spring showers I still went out and clocked a time that won’t win any medals, but is a bit quicker than I thought I would have got before I set off. I won’t embarrass myself by posting it on here, but I think, in fact I know I can shave minutes rather than seconds off it,so I have a new challenge to keep me motivated.

Day off conundrum

Easter Monday is a day off for me but not for the other half, she’s off to work and home with the dog.

So what to do? A day filled with odd jobs and random tasks, getting everything from the winter “to do” list finally finished off, or maybe starting early on the summer jobs. I think since there has been a dusting of snow that’s still lingering n the lawn the former is more likely than the latter.

Walk the dog, get a run in (they’ll probably be combined) and I’m on dinner cooking duties tonight but other than that I’m not really that motivated to do much at all. Perhaps a coffee will help…..

Boozey home made ginger beer

I’ve had a bit of success now with my home brew, I’v tried various ales and lagers, but for the first time I’m trying something totally different.   Coopers ginger beer  is the choice when for this “something different” and there is no real rhyme or reason why it was chosen over and above I saw it and thought I’d make it. I do enjoy the odd Crabbies Ginger beer, its not something I drink a lot of but its nice for a change. Although I put the ginger beer in the primary today I’m currently thinking it will be in bottles for a while and I won’t give it a try until a lazy summer day rolls around.

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