The A-Team, a movie and a childhood

When I was young my parents banned me from watching the TV series the A Team.  Apparently my behaviour at school had become a bit difficult for the teachers to control the blame fell to the A Team.  Luckily Hannibal et al had instilled in me a sense of courage to fight injustice when charged of a crime I didn’t commit.   Well maybe I was a little shit at school but no more than any other kid, I was just getting caught.

Moral of the story, when your 9 years old don’t get caught for the dumb stuff you do.

Fast forward 20 years and the show of yesteryear has made a big screen come back, filled with some big names, faces and a lot of explosives. Though it doesn’t instil in me the need to disrupt a colouring in session, it does fit the bill as a popcorn movie, with enough nods to the original but equally enough room for the story to be modernized and enjoyed by a new generation who will only know of the original by name.

The main thing I can say about the film is that it is substantially better than Sylvain White‘ s attempt at getting an A team style movie made in the Losers.  The only real losers in that while sorry mess are the people who pay to see it.


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