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My first US thanksgiving

I found myself Texas for thanksgiving, it wasn’t planned as I’m down here on business and as its not a something I would normally celebrate (I’m not American so what would be the motivation!?!) it was pretty uneventful.

In terms of keeping my thanksgiving true to the spirit of the holiday, I skipped the tradition of eating turkey and instead opted for wings in hot sauce, although I did watch some of the NFL games on TV.

What was a thankful for? That the bar was open and serving me beer and wings on a day when everything else seemed to have closed down. The beer in question was “Longhammer IPA”  which I’d not tried before but its pretty good. Lighter and less hoppy than most IPAs I’ve tried, but definitly one I would order again.


Double IPA


Tried a new beer last night, pictured above. I’m always a bit dubious of double IPA’s, I don’t subscribe to the view that just because your face gets sucked inwards in a bitter punch of hops it somehow makes for a good beer, but this little beauty has none of that.

Plenty of hops, plenty of taste but still smooth enough to have a few (just remember its 8.2%!).

First dry hopped home brew

My first batch of dry hopped home brew came out the keg today, no too shabby!

I’ve now had a few and refuse to get a camera so the pic is from the iPhone (and kind of in focus).

Home brew

My first batch of home brew is complete, so far its tasting pretty good. I was keen to learn more about beer but didn’t fancy going as far as growing my own hops so went with an easier route of Festa Brew. 

Looking forward to trying my hand at a few more.

Festa Brew

Beer Pic

Opposed to the beer lady in the previous post, here is one of the actual bottle you should be looking for, flanked by 2 other tasty options; Monthy Python’s Holy Grail Ale on the left &Flying Dog Brewery Kerberos Triple on the right.


Beer ban loser

My self imposed beer ban didnt last very long.

2 days in fact.

When offered free tickets to an event with free food and beer I became weak and consumed. I think its mainly because last year when I made a ‘beer ban pledge’ I lasted far better 67 days after setting out for 30 so I dont feel another beer ban is necessary, I just dont like hangovers much.

As part of my attempt to get my life together as outlined back at the end of February getting fit was something I needed to take more seriously, so really thats my main motivation for cutting down on the amber nectar so I dont end up like the guy below;

Beer. Evil.

I like beer.

I dont like the morning after a night of enjoying said beer.

This is enhanced when I have agreed to drive to the pub and then cycle back to pick up my car  the next day.  All 14km of it. While 14km isn’t too far in a bike, I felt like I was going to be sick for the first 5km due to the hangover.

Olympic athlete I am not.

My need to get fitter has just had a new lease of life with beer off the menu until further notice.

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