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Dog walk wildlife

Out walking the dog the other morning I came across this fella blocking my path, with a little gentle encouragement he dissapeared back of into the long grass. Its the first ‘live’ one I’ve seen all summer, the others crossed the road at the wrong time.

I only had my iphone rather than my Nikon, but I still think it came out alright.


Noisy wildlife

While I don’t know for sure if this little guy is the culprit from the other morning, I’m far happier that he’s using the feeder to fill him self up rather than hammering into the house.


Garden coming to life…

As my neck of the woods warms up, more of its creatures are coming to life and passing through the garden. We’ve put up a bird feeder (moved once already due to squirrel “issues”) and hopefully that will encourage even more wildlife. Yesterdays top spot was a woodpecker.

Whale shark spotted on the high seas

I saw a huge whale shark today!

I think of all the wildlife encounters I have ever had in my life, this one tops the bill.  I have seen big animals before, and I have seen graceful animals before, but I have never seen those to two attributes presented with such beauty. 

While the boat wasn’t moving, just bobbing up and down, I was sitting at the side catching some sun when I started to see something beneath the surface of the water rising to the top. We have loads of copper head sharks by the boat all the time so I though it was one of those until I realized it was so much bigger, and it was coming closer.  I was able to make out what it was when it was a few meters down, its white spots illuminated by the sun giving it away, and it just slowly and nonchalantly came up till it was about 2 meters away from me.  

Then just passed me by.

It was 25ft in length easily and I think the fact that something so big made no sound made the whole thing even more spellbinding.

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