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As a small time gardener still trying to find out what I can grow and what I can’t there are a certain amount of disappointments. However having some bruschetta made with home grown garlic, onions, basil and tomatoes smothered across some fresh bread I’ve baked tastes awesome, and yeah makes me feel a little smug too.



I ended up only being home for around 72hrs before I was off again but I’m now back home and here just in time to try and save my first ever crop of garlic.

I’ve only dug one up so far (I was eager to see how it had come along) but used it in dinner tonight. I know have to learn how to cure the rest so I can keep using it through out the year.

Pretty tasty so far.


So I guess I should have emptied the rainwater tank…..

One of those jobs I meant to do before old man winter rocked up was empty out the water butt. Thing is I’m new to this gardening game and instead of doing that I was probably doing something far less important, but way more fun.

Now the temp has dropped considerably and I was walking round the garden and noticed this;

cracked water butt


Yep, its pretty much just one giant ice cube.

A bit late for pumpkins

Earlier in the year I came across some seeds from a pumpkin I carved a few years ago, for the sake of it I thought I’d plant them and see how they got on.  On the plus side, they actually did quite well and have now got as far as flowering (in the pic below) however I don’t think there is any chance that I’ll be carving a pumpkin from my own garden this year as the nights are getting a bit chilly and the count down is on to Halloween.


Ants in the compost – dirty little monsters

While I may have twisted Damon Albarn’s words slightly, I do indeed have ants in my compost. There seems to be mixed information on the web as to whether or not this is a good thing.  I may pick a fight with them, I’m still not sure.

My new garden composter

As I try and head towards a home thats a bit more environmentally friendly and self sufficient I’ve got myself a composter.

It’s still a bit empty on the inside but hopefully we’ll now be making our own rich compost to put back on the garden and reap the benefits of in everything we grow.  This one is the Aerobin 400 which isn’t cheap ( I did sort of get a deal) but its supposed to be near supersonic in its ability to turn left overs into compost.  I would like to be abel to review how easy it was to put together but my other half’s brother is visiting and did it while I was at work (huge bonus!) so I have no idea. I’ll keep you posted on how the end results turn out with a review later in the year.

This is the pitch (complete with Ozzy twang) that they give;

Garden Grub (not the good kind)

While I have started putting in the raised beds I blogged about last time they aren’t full off top spoil yet. I got them built quick enough but the weather wasn’t great so I didn’t  move them from the garage till Tuesday, I was going to do a blow by blow picture blog of putting them together but being that I was winging it I decided that instead I’d just concentrate on the building.

While preparing the area that the beds were going I turn find a few creatures lurking beneath the surface hiding form the cold, the award for ugliest goes to this guy.

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning

Although I still feel winter every time I go outside, its fair to say that it’s on its way out.  The sight of a few bulbs popping up shoots highlight that warmer, lighter days are on their way.  Normally I take the concept of ‘Spring cleaning’ with a pinch of salt, I’ve lived in apartments for that many years that shy of finding a semi finished bottle of booze tucked in the back of a cupboard, forgotten from some long since past Christmas party there isn’t a lot more to do than any other day of the week.

Not this year.

Last summer I became a home owner for the first time, and I have to find the time to sort my garden too. Simple in theory but having never had a garden before it’s a lot of planning and not a lot of action so far.  The main aspect I want to tackle?  Veg patch. With nothing in the store as good as home-grown for taste and current news reports constantly telling me that food prices will take a sharp rise this year, it seems now is the time to start producing some of my own.  I have cleared part of the area, and I have my plans drawn up and whats pictured below should become a hotspot of vegetable goodness in the weeks to come.