I’m a twenty something blogging newbie with an interest in discovering/sharing thoughts and ideas with people who don’t have to be close to me geographically.   Personally I enjoy good food and movies, in my head I’m far more sporty and fitter than I am, though I’m trying to find the motivation to do more exercise.  I spend more time on my Xbox than my girlfriend likes , and when out the apartment I’ll probably be found with my camera in hand.

The ‘thoughtherder’ title came about from 2 parts; firstly I spend more than my fair share of time day dreaming about anything and everything (I can debate entire complex contemporary issues in my head whilst staring into space happily) and think that a blog may prove to be a good medium to jot down my nonsense (or thoughts).  Secondly I was trying to come up with a blog name and Spike TV was on in the background, as is the norm with Spike TV they were rerunning Star Wars saga (yes 1 through 6)  and Princess Leia refers to Han Solo as a “scruffy looking Nerf herder” to which Han Solo replies “who’s scruffy looking?”.  This would suggest that the coolest character* in the Star Wars saga doesn’t mind being referred to as a nerf herder then maybe they aren’t that bad, and it’s kind of quirky.  The thing is I’m not that fussed for Star Wars, not enough to have a blog title directly linked into the dialogue.  (But I liked the herder concept)

*Ok I may not be that much of a Star Wars fan but, Han Solo is the coolest character by far.  What? You disagree? Ok so everyone likes Yoda but he’s like 900yrs old and burdened with the responsibility of being the Jedi head honcho, (he’s more like your old principle than James Dean) Luke spent much of the early films trying to bed his sister (that’s just never cool) although I don’t own a smellivison Chewbacca must stink, I mean he looks like a walking, old shaggy carpet.  R2D2 and C3PO are robots; end of. The only person that comes close is Lando and the fact that his characters name can be found in film as reference to someone who betrays means he’s out of the running.  Han Solo has the millennium falcon, suffice to say his ride is pimped and in the end he is the only guy in 6 movies who gets the girl.


3 Responses to “About the thoughtherder”

  1. 1 Lauren McCabe April 20, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Funny how you say you can just think while staring into space… I remember when I was in high school I absolutely loved detention. You just sat there and did NOTHING which was awesome for me– I just got to contemplate all the things I never had time to think about normally. Ah, the days of forced thoughtfullness in the form of punishment.

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