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Renting DVDs

I dont know about you but whenever I go to rent a DVD I end up spending ages looking and then end up getting something totally random.  There are loads of movies that I want to see but when faced with a huge selection I decided that ‘Hmm, not really in the mood for that tonight‘ and select something I have never even heard of.

On the one hand its a great way to see random films but on the other it just seems a bit weird.


March plans; get fit, get rich, get organized

March is nearly here and I need to take stock and do a bit of planning.

My girlfriend is keen for the 2 of us to run a 10k this year, something I’ve not done since 2007 and at the moment I’m a long way off being fit enough to consider it.  Cue action point 1;

  • Get fit(ter)

I had plans last year to get my finances sorted and make the step into becoming a home owner, something that I had sidestepped before as it just wasn’t suitable with the amount of moving about the globe I was doing.  Then when I was looking at houses with a view to buy I got made redundant.   When the cash flow stops, buying a house becomes a moot point. Action point 2;

  • Get some kind of longer term budget together

Lastly and perhaps the most pertinent of the 3 is the fact that after being made redundant I decided to take a year away from my career, do a lot of snowboarding, watch the Olympics and take it easy.   That year is now about up the Olympics all but over and I have to decide whether or not I’m going to continue with the slackers lifestyle I have created for myself or get back in the throws of the corporate world.  And if the decision is yes, what I am going to do, and where am I going to do it?

It makes my head spin when I consider the possibilities, this time last year I had no idea I would be here, I have no clue where I will be next year but knowing where I want to be will be a start.   Time to put on the big boy pants and get my shit together. Action point 3;

  • Get organized

Energy drinks; Friend or foe?

A few years ago now I used to drink a lot of redbull on nights out (with a few customary shots of vodka of course) but then I kinda swore off them for a long time.  They offer no health benefit and I’m a really bad sleeper who drinks too much coffee so it seemed sensible to ‘let them go’.

Recently however I have been having the odd Monster.  It started as shattered from work but needing some energy to go out scenario, and now I am sitting on the couch thinking about the one in the fridge and that if I drink it then maybe I’ll have some enthusiasm to go for a jog or swim.

I’m I healthier sitting here not opening a can of “energy” or drinking it and going for some exercise?

Decisions,  decisions.

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