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Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions

Video after video Danny Macaskill dishes out some amazing skills on his bike

Beer. Evil.

I like beer.

I dont like the morning after a night of enjoying said beer.

This is enhanced when I have agreed to drive to the pub and then cycle back to pick up my car  the next day.  All 14km of it. While 14km isn’t too far in a bike, I felt like I was going to be sick for the first 5km due to the hangover.

Olympic athlete I am not.

My need to get fitter has just had a new lease of life with beer off the menu until further notice.

No training wheels required; Danny Mac, Edinburgh

A friend pointed out this fantastic short compilation of Danny Mac attacking the streets of Edinburgh on his bike and accomplishing things that boggle my mind.  They say that riding a bike is like, well, riding a bike but I can’t see me ever attempting most of the stuff on here.  I should point out that I’m not ‘big into bikes’ I’ve not actually cycled a bike in years but I just thought that what he’s doing here is too good not to share.  3:12 Bike + Tree = WTF!?!

With my impending relocation now a week away I’ll be living on the door step of this monster of a bike park I think there is a chance I’ll get back on a bike, but in truth I’m going for the snowboarding so we’ll just have to see how it goes, if ever start somersaulting off trees I’ll make sure I put up a vid (hell I’d be selling t-shirts highlighting the fact).  Hope you like.