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Day off conundrum

Easter Monday is a day off for me but not for the other half, she’s off to work and home with the dog.

So what to do? A day filled with odd jobs and random tasks, getting everything from the winter “to do” list finally finished off, or maybe starting early on the summer jobs. I think since there has been a dusting of snow that’s still lingering n the lawn the former is more likely than the latter.

Walk the dog, get a run in (they’ll probably be combined) and I’m on dinner cooking duties tonight but other than that I’m not really that motivated to do much at all. Perhaps a coffee will help…..


Day off

Happy day indeed when I’m not heading to the office, I’ve worked every weekend in April so I think I am due some downtime. I do have an outdoor endurance race next weekend that I haven’t done a single bit of training for, so I’m off to the gym in the hope that this one trip will miraculously make me fit.

Not likely eh.

Rain, rain go away

I generally enjoy the rain. I have no issues with it, as long as I have the right clothes on a walk in the rain is all good. It gives a different perspective on things in the same way a blanket of snow can make even the grubbiest area look new and pristine.

But today I just want the rain to piss off.

I have a day off and it just looks miserable out there and despite a list of jobs I was going to get done with my day its now looking more likely that movies or my Xbox may win through as I hibernate from drap conditions.

Snowiest month on record ever for the area and now rain. Bah.


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