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Inception; A brief review

After the drama of trying to get my phone to display my ticket unsuccessfully for about 10 minutes I did eventually get into to see Inception last night. I tried to embrace technology and just have a barcode sent to my phone to work as my ticket rather than a paper copy (saving the trees too!) but at the very moment I needed it the page wouldn’t load and I had to wait about at the front of the line up like a tool.  Maybe back to paper again next time.

After yesterdays post I was notably excited to be back in a city with an Imax screen, I was left a little disappointed though as I had to sit just a couple of rows back from the front, which is a bit like sitting with your nose nearly touching a 42” screen at home.  Meh.  I’ll arrive earlier next time.

As for the movie itself I was, I am happy to say, very impressed. Nolan has mixed aspects of various genres and stitched them together fantastically.  Offering up a movie with elements of romance, sci fi, thriller, action and best of all a story which at its core is ridiculously simple and as it plays out its seriously complex. Without wanting to give too much away (I would recommend knowing as little as possible about the movie before you watch it) it’s based on the premise that with the aid of some technology we can share dreams, a kind of Xbox live for the subconscious.  These dreamscapes can be manipulated as we see fit but too much tampering will alert the subconscious that not all is right and the shared dream will collapse.

I can imagine my girlfriend reading that last line and being put off the movie instantly however it’s to Nolan’s credit that he doesn’t dwell on any of the technical elements too much and that it doesn’t become a geek fest of technicalities , instead he sticks to keeping the story flowing. As the audience you’re given a brief summary of what is possible via dialogue between characters and then he gets back to the plot at hand.

A stellar cast headed by Leonardo Dicaprio and Ellen Page doesn’t disappoint, and smaller but important roles by Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe and Marion Cotillard are equally impressive.  With so much action and anger on display in parts of the film I was expecting Hardy to take a more violent tack, I think having watched his portrayal of Bronson, it will be interesting to see whether to see he brings the ‘cheeky chappie’ or the angst ridden crazy man to the new Mad Max: Fury Road feature due out in 2012.

All in all I think its fair to say that Inception will be bounding about the news come Oscar time, I think personally its the best film I have seen so far in 2010.


Inception tonight at the Imax

I’m heading off to watch Inception at the movies tonight, and although Tuesday is ‘cheap tickets night’ I’m opting to bypass that and head for the Imax screen.

I’m trying not to build the movie up too much before I have actually seen it.  I thought the trailer looked great, I think both DiCaprio and Page have been brilliant in everything I have watched, Christopher Nolan has consistently directed excellent movies (Momento, Insomnia, Batman (both) Prestige), and each of my friends that have already been to see it have nothing but positive things to say.

Fingers crossed I’m not disappointed.

Can I get an apartment now please?

I bought a house.

With the house I got a lawn

So I got a lawnmower. Right now I wish I got an apartment instead. The lawn we have is a bit of a hassle to mow, rather than being a nice flat bit of grass that I could just go back and forth on its a squiggled border complete near vertical slopes and plenty of over hanging branches eager to take my eye out.

Now finished and because of my new tighter than tight budget I don’t even have any ‘job well done’ beers in the fridge to enjoy.

A quick search on google comes up with solar powered autonoumous lanw mower;


Plugging away

Who’d have thought buying a house, a car and things to put in a house, starting a new job and revamping my life would be so much hassle!?!

I am well on my way to returning to regular blogging, the whirlwind state of play that is my life looks like it should settle down a bit and I’m really looking forward to this weekend where I can sit down and let it all sink in.  I have pretty much been on the go since the end of May when I moved out my last place and since then I have driven thousands of kilometres, visited 5 countries, bought a car, bought a house, started a new job and once or twice stopped to take a breath.

What I have not done is blog about it enough, or taken enough pictures along the way.

Soon though!

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