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32 fl Oz is a lot

I didnt know this.  I just asked for a beer, the reply was “the only way to fly size?” I looked back puzzled, “its 32 oz of beer”


Why not.

32 oz turns out to be 2 pints, and I’m about 40 mins into a journey that lasts 40 something hours, my next bed is a long way away….

Lesson learnt.

Puppy in the snow

Getting used to the change in the weather

Fox news, new helicopter slogan?

A little while back I made a couple of comments (here) about Fox News and well, just how bad a news channel it is. I’m neither American or live in America but I spend a bit of time down there with work on one occasion I got stuck with nothing to do a very few working TV channels.

Anyways, I had a wry smile this morning when I saw that the Simpsons TV show writers have a somewhat similar view to me, and despite everyones favourite yellow family not being quite as clever as they once were with there take on the world around them, I thought this was great;

Simpsons, helicopter, racist

80 Gigapixel picture of London

I came across a 80 gigapixel photograph of London today, its pretty impressive and you can check it our here.  Not only is it pretty awesome in its own right but you can also spin round as its a 360 degree photo too, and apparently is a world record.  Not too shabby.

Its made possible by stitching together 8000 individual photographs, and as such there is room for some weird looking doubles. If for example you check out the long straight road to the left of the BT tower (10 points to anyone who tells me what the name of the road is) and take a look just outside Pret a Manger you’ll spot this;

Either there is some kind of Doctor Who episode going on in London or the lady in the picture is there twice, it doesnt seem to happen much in the picture but with a keen eye you can spot them.

From Xbox to PS3

When my Xbox broke for the 3rd time I decided that I needed to ramp up my home media set up and add a PS3.  This is something I had been looking to do for a while, the lack of a Blu Ray player with the Xbox and the collapse of HD DVD I was missing the ability to watch disk based movies.  I do stream most of the movies I watch via Netflix or previously through Xbox marketplace but I still like the ability to buy DVD’s and now Blu Rays.

The other thing is that being that I don’t have cable TV, I either play games, watch movies, or TV box sets, and once the Xbox went there was a void that needed filled.  I know what you’re thinking I should get my fat ass outside and get away from the screen but as winter is rolling in walking my dog will keep me outside plenty without thinking about spending more time than that in the negative degrees Celsius. But now I have a PS3 and my Xbox (under warranty) has been fixed and returned to me.

So what to play?

In the red corner for the Xbox is Halo reach, I played the other Halo carnations to death, with the exception of ODST, but to be honest I haven’t really been taken in by Reach as much as I thought I would.  It’s a good game, a solid game, but I think having played so much Modern Warfare in between titles I don’t know if I don’t prefer that for the online multiplayer.

In the blue corner for PS3 is Modnation racers, the last racing game I played was Forza 2 on the Xbox which I enjoyed but this is nothing like Forza.  Its more like Mario Kart games of previous years, and I loved those games.  I think that in some respects MNR is something like what we could have expected this to be the game they would have created if they had the console that could support it. I can’t say that its better than Mario Kart, that would be like trying to compare Star Wars a new hope with revenge of the Sith, different eras different yard stick to measure its worth.

I think the bottom line is that I’m a console whore and will play whatever when ever and have no allegiance to either, but if the Xbox breaks again and isn’t covered by the warranty I won’t be replacing it.


Little jaunt across the ocean

I find the more I head through the major hubs the easier it gets to just ‘ghost’ through them barely awake and just smiling and nodding at people when the moment requires it.

I’m a terrible sleeper and planes are certainly more difficult to sleep in than my bed, so I’m normally on autopilot. My last transatlantic flight heading back from Heathrow and got stuck beside an overweight woman with bad gas who promptly got drunk and then sang loudly at times during her 8 hour Sudoku session.

It’s the people who make it entertaining, not the touch screen TVs.

Worldless Wednesday

Tortoise, snapped last December

Bankys, movies & the Simpsons


Billboards are a one-way lecture. Graffiti creates a two-way communication.

Jill Posner (1982)


I watched Banksy’s debut movie Exit through the gift shop the other week while on a flight, I was quite impressed that it had made it onto the planes in-flight movie entertainment selection as the norm is to have as many main stream movies as possible, something which this is definitely not.

The documentary itself is not so much about Banksy as it is about a French/American clothes shop/cameraman named Thierry who is without doubt a little eccentric. The majority of the footage is taken from his recordings but as with most documentaries it is separated by way of short interview segments with various individuals who are in the raw footage.

I’d like to say that I was blown away by the movies bold look into the world of street art, but really I think I just watched a documentary on the downfall of an art form.  The title itself “Exit through the gift shop” I think speaks volumes of the fact that although street art is accessible to all many don’t understand it but part with large sums of money to feel like they are part of the scene.

Since watching the documentary I was also made aware that Banksy had guest directed the opening credits to the Simpsons, I can’t really believe they let it air, maybe the powers that be at Fox think that it will somehow make the Simpsons seem a bit more cutting edge again. I’ll let you decide;

Slow roast leg of lamb and lemon potatoes with garlic oregano

Across at another blog I stumbled across a recipe for slow roast leg of lamb with garlic, lemon and rosemary served with lemon potatoes with garlic and oregano. The blog in question is Dinner with Julie and having put together one of the recipes from the blog I know it wont be my last.

Originally I was going to do a bit of a photo blog entry and it was going well with some good pictures being taken of the early stages, but in the end I was too hungry in the final moments and took no pictures. I just stuffed my face, it was great.

If Star Wars changed their music

We may find that in a galaxy far far away we’d hear the dark side of Vader