“Why you all wet baby?” My brief Shutter Island review

I went to the movies and watched Shutter Island the other night.  I was keen to see the movie adaptation as I read the book back in 2004 and hearing that it would be Martin Scorsese at the helm, with his new muse Mr DiCaprio I was intrigued as to how it would turn out.

I wasn’t disappointed, I did enjoy the movie and like what they had done, most notably as they didn’t try and rewrite the story for the movie but stayed pretty faithful to the original book by Dennis Lehane (also the author of Mystic River).

DiCaprio was, as he always seems to be, great in his role as the story’s lead Ted Daniels.  The supporting cast members all hit he right note, in particularly Ben Kingsley who I thought was fantastic.  The tone of the movie seemed darker than I remember the book being but the subject matter and setting (asylum/prison for the criminally insane) means that it was never going to be a chortle fest, and the accompanying score sounds reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s work not as strong as the Shining but but powerful all the same.

I can’t say too much about the film without running the risk of ruining it for you, this is definitely one to watch with as little info on as possible, my girlfriend I think enjoyed it all the more from heading to the cinema completely unaware of what she was about to watch.


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