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Russell Brand’s autobiography – My Booky Wooky

Moving away from fiction I decided to read Russell Brand’s autobiography “My Booky Wooky“.  It’s slightly outdated now and I know that he has since wrote and published a follow-up, although I’m not sure of the title.

The book itself is a pretty straightforward, yet entertaining read.  I read the whole thing in two days but I think that’s mainly a mark of how bored I am rather than a reflection on the book.  Every time I went to  do something else I realised I am stuck away from home with work and there is NOTHING to do. So the book it was.

Quite a lot of the book is taken up by Brands youth, and the tales of him getting kicked out of various schools, being that he is still only in his 30’s that’s not too surprising especially when you bear in mind that this book was published back in 2007, there aren’t that many years to write about, especially when by his own confession so many of his were lost in a smacked up haze.

One of the reasons I generally don’t bother with autobiographies is that they tend to be nothing more than an advertisement to love the author more, I’m happy to say that I didn’t really feel that with My Booky Wooky and for that Brand deserves credit, rather than just telling people why they should like him he just lays out some stories from his past, and tells them with a bit of humour.

I have to confess that I dont really know why I chose his book over other possible choices, I have no particular interest in Russel Brand and I left the UK back early on in his his climb to fame, or perhaps it would be more apt to say that when I was there I never watched any of the shows he was making.  I do think that being from the UK gives the reader a  certain appreciation for some of the text in the book, understanding (and agreeing) with Brand on the important and correct order to eat Penguin biscuits for a start.  In the USA verison that I got on my kindle he even gives a glossary of UK terms to help the no Brits follow along with what he’s on about.

As an autobigroaphy I think its great, as I mentioned before I dont nromally read then and I dont think this will sway me too much to read more.  A good one to kill the hours of a plane trip, or to pick up and put down by the pool.