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More garden wildlife

After the thunderstorm last night it was looking like I may see Noah floating by. Although I didn’t see him, the continued flood of wildlife into my garden has continued with this little guy roaming around.


Wildlife in over drive

With the forest fires still raging on it seems that the wildlife has gone a bit crazy as it tries to flee the flames.  Although in the last few months of living here I have got used to seeing new animals the last 48hrs it seems to have gone into overdrive. 

Unfortunately I have missed the oppertunity to take pics of most of it as I didn’t have my camera but I have crossed paths with coyotes, bald eagles, crazy beetles, hummingbirds, a pocket gopher and a snake and I’ve not even really been looking! 

Despite all these the only thing that took a dislike to me was a bee that stunk the sole of my foot after crawling through the gaps on the wooden dock.  

It sounds pretty deep to say I have a damaged sole…

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