Joe Wright, whats he up to next?

I watched the movie Hanna for the second time last night, it’s certainly worth a watch for those that haven’t seen it, its kind of somewhere in a mix of Bourne style, comic style, Disney film. Ok it’s not really that Disney except for the film’s lead being a 16 year old girl, but the villains do have comic book feel to them, and the action is as good as the Bourne series.

There are some moments of darkness in there, really quite sad, and yet at the same time some deadpan line delivery which is hilarious, making a movie that rather being a one-dimensional action piece works on a few different levels.  Throw in the Chemical Brothers soundtrack and you’ve got an impressive 111minutes of movie.

But its not Hanna I wanted to post about, its its director Joe Wright, he’s already directed Pride & Prejudice (not seen) Atonement (though it was great and McAvoy was amazing) Soloist ( I thought it was alright but got great reviews) Hanna (see above). With quite different movies released I’m quite intrigued to see his next movie Anna Karenina, I’m not interested in finding out anything about it, I generally like to know as little as possible about I movie before I watch it so I have no preconceptions, but Joe Wright has already done enough for me to think that I’d be willing to spend the money on a theatre ticket on his previous work alone. I do also know that Kelly McDonald stars, and in my opinion she’s an Oscar waiting to happen, so perhaps this is the one….

Having watched Donnie Darko I now expect to see more than one good movie before automatically going to see others by the same director.


2 Responses to “Joe Wright, whats he up to next?”

  1. 1 Jack November 1, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Hanna was okay! A bit goofy in places, but fairly good overall. One to watch alone in my case, as the woman (now ex) wouldn’t be remotely interested.

    It did seem a little predictable at times, but that’s the cynic in me – most films as an adult seem to be predictable to a point (there’s only so many stories to tell!).

  2. 2 thethoughtherder November 2, 2011 at 7:08 am

    Funnily enough I did put in on after the other half had fallen asleep. I think perhaps the story was a bit predictable, but I liked the way it winded its way along, I never got bored throughout.

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