Jane Eyre; a brief review

I watched the latest screen adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre a couple of nights ago, and really enjoyed it. I didnt really know if it would be my kind of thing but being that the story was written so long ago (first published in 1847) and its still being praised in the present day,  there must be something to it right?

I’m told the story of Jane Eyre doesn’t normally start as it does in the movie, normally the events run chronologically however in this film adaptation the first half of the story is seen via flashbacks. Although I cant compare to the ‘usually’ version I thought the flashbacks worked well. The first series of flashbacks take you a young (10 years old ish) Jane Eyre living quite unhappily with her Aunt Reed, where she is bullied by her cousins, and then subsequently sent to a girls school, which is grim to say the least. Although the story doesn’t dwell here I think its important as it gives an insight as to where Jane has been and what she has had to endure in her formative years.

Like most of the movie reviews I type I wont go into too much detail on the story, I’d rather not run the risk of ruining it because of unintentional spoilers, particularly when discussing films that are certainly worth a watch.

I was surprised how much I actually got into the language of the story, I don’t read many classic novels,  I will generally opt for a more contemporary literature. I think the fact that I did enjoy it is probably thanks to Moira Buffini for her work on the screen play and the cast for the manner of which they delivered their lines.

Talking of the cast, I spent a large portion of the movie wracking my brains to try and find remember who the actor was playing Rochester, it finally hit me that it was Michael Fassbender, who I’d recently watched in the latest X-Men instalment. Good as he was, credit really goes to the leading lady Mia Wasikowska who put in a stellar performance, my expectations are that I will see her many time more in many different roles.

Overall definitely worth a watch, good performances and I can see why the story is called a classic.


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