Battle: Los Angeles

**Spoilers below**

Have you seen Battle: Los Angeles ?

What can I tell you?  Well imagine the ‘heart felt’ moments from other movies, string them together and throw in some aliens and and bish bash bosh you’ve got a movie.

Perhaps heart felt isn’t the correct phrase, but you know what I mean.  The Staff sgt. telling the little kid he’s the best marine he’s ever met after hs Dad dies, the Staff sgt. telling the brother of a Marine who died under his command that he was a brilliant soldier and he missed him, the squad refusing to eat, instead going straight back out to battle, because yes they are THAT committed.

Bits of Black Hawk Down, a feel off Cloverfield, but not the same as either and I’m sure when the DVD comes out there will be a whole host of deleted scenes as the way it was edited seemed a bit bizarre.  I think there were perhaps sections of story that got the chop that perhaps shouldn’t have.


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