Source Code: A brief review

Originally my blog was going to be mainly about food and movies, but as time has gone on I seem to blog about movies less.

So….I watched Source Code last night and really enjoyed it.  It definitely felt like a cross between The Jacket and Deja Vu. Where the Jacket was blatantly produced on a lower budget and Deja Vu had the explosions but perhaps lacked story depth. Source Code comes in a with mix between the two.

The basic premise is that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character – Colter Stevens has 8 minutes in which to try and discover who planted a bomb on a train, when those 8 minutes are up, the train blows up and he has to try all over again. His guide through it all is Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga).  To say anymore may ruin the movie, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m still a bit ‘jury out’ on Jake Gyllenhaal and his talent as a leading man, I think partly because I watched Prince of Persia, but he holds his own really well. Actually while honesty is on the go I’ve always found Vera Farmiga a bit annoying (but she’s alright in this).

I would definitely recommend the movie, my only disappointment was that I failed to notice the Quantum Leap nod, and being that I loved that show when I was younger, that sucks.



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