Birdsong – A novel by Sebastian Faulks

After 3 years of it sitting on my shelf I final got round to reading “Birdsong” by Sebastian Faulks. As I’m currently away from home and stuck with nothing to do I read the whole thing in 3 days. Again I can’t stress the “nothing” in nothing to do enough. A great read and I was left wanting to know more about each of the characters involved in the story, always a clear sign that I have enjoyed the book I think.

For anyone reading this that knows nothing of the book its set in World War 1 and centers around a few characters but predominately Stephen Wraysford, and the build up and the war itself through his eyes. Some other reviews I had read of “Birdsong” made mention of the gruesome graphical detail, and while there is some of that its no where near the level I had expected, its trench warfare in arguable the most brutal war the planet has ever seen.

I think anyone who hasn’t heard of this novel will certainly hear of the film as the wheels are already in motion to adapt it and one of favourite British actors, Paddy Considine is alleged to being playing a key role.


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