Vegetable Garden action plan part 1

Phase 1 of my plan to build a couple of raised vegetable patches is almost complete.  Rather than spending my Friday night in a pub or something equally sensible I borrowed a friends truck and went to a super sized hardware store to buy supplies.  I also went to a few garden centres and tried to by top soil but it turns out I’m early, and no where has any yet.

Do these people not know the early bird catches the worm?  I think they do but they also know that while the temperature is still dropping below freezing not many people are as stupid as me and want to play in the dirt.

I did manage to get in touch with a local farm who has horses, they are giving me some manure to spread across the bottom of the beds once I have dug out the area. This isn’t in place of compost, in probably won’t even get near the roots of whatever I plant, its more to encourage the local worms to come on mass to my garden.

I opted for cedar planks for the frame, they were more expensive that I expected and I spent more than I really wanted to, but I’m against using treated wood when I’m going to growing food in there (leaching of chemicals etc) and I don’t want to use a cheaper untreated wood other wise it wont last more than a couple of years at best.  Cedar seemed to be the wood that fitted the bill, rot pest and somewhat weather resistant.

When put together it should look something like this (without the green shirted man or the matured garden in the background);

Nothing has actually been cut, sawed or dug yet but as this is just the start of the weekend, hopefully I’ll have 2 raised vegetable beds ready to go,  except for the lack of soil!


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