Cane toad combustion

Those that were reading my blog just over a year ago may remember a post about watching a guy catching and skinning a sea snake in front of me (he turned it into an iPod cover).  I’m currently in a similar area of Australia and was sitting beside 2 guys discussing the best way to dispatch of Cane toads.

Apparently the preferred method is to catch them, soak them in petrol (as their skin will actually absorb the fuel) the let them hop off and light the trail.  Then sit back and watch it go pop.  Though I wasn’t actually part of the conversation I think my face gave away the fact that I could hear what they were taking about (in my defence we were in a 12x12ft room with no one else talking) which prompted the animal pyromaniac to justify the toad popping by explaining that Cane toads had killed his dog, and his cat.

I’m pretty sure the Cane toad didn’t use a lighter though.

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