Mind Mapping my way through 2011

Yesterday I mentioned that I was eyeing up a set of goals this year opposed to traditional resolutions. Some may argue that there is a thin line between setting a goal and setting a resolution, that really its all just about how you word it.  I say whatever floats your boat and gives you a sense of achievement is a winner.  Call it a flubabjub if it makes you feel any better.

But how do I come up with my goals?  Well I think about a few different areas of my life that are important (travel, money etc) and then I use a little piece of free software to have a brain splurge on a mind map.  I first used another mind map program at work, but you have to pay over $100 for it.  This other I one I found is FREE, and I think you’ll agree there is no better price.
The program in question is Xmind and can be downloaded for either Mac or PC here.    There is a paid version for $49 but unless you are planning on becoming a mind mapping Jedi the free one is probably enough.  I have some friends that don’t like the format of mind maps, they prefer a more linear set up of lists, and thats cool just like the resolution v goals which ever works for you is the best format. My preference for mind maps in this instance is that when coming up with a variety of thoughts on a few different areas that may interlink I like to have them all on one page rather than scrolling through a word-processing program.
So if you are goal setting for the fourth coming 12 months I recommend giving mind mapping a whirl.


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