2011; A New Year with no resolutions

That’s right, no resolutions, not one. Instead I have opted to concentrate on things I do want rather than things I don’t, goals and achievements that I would like to tick off as I journey through the year.

I have done similar things previous years and I find it a lot more gratifying to go through the year hitting each of these goals rather than concentrating on not doing something or concentrating on trying to do a specific thing to much.  So what kind of things am I talking about?  Well for a start I always approach each New Year with the desire to see a new city, the base line of travel goals for 2011.

Health? Well I know I need to drop a few pounds so that’s on the list, as is running a 10k this year.  The latter made the list last year, unfortunately the only one I did was on a treadmill in a gym and not a proper race, hopefully this year I’ll go one better.

I also have a couple of night courses on there, and I really want to be come fluent in a foreign language, due to the years spent studying it at school French is looking a likely choice, but then again I might surprise myself and go for something a little bit more uncommon.

2011’s goals though focus mainly around becoming more disciplined and educated when it comes to money. The last few years I’ve had my ups and downs like most people due to the roller coaster economy and yet I’m leaving 2010 financially sound (wellI think I am…). Despite it all I became a home owner for the first time in 2010 and there is nothing like a mortgage over your head to get you think about ways to minimize your monthly outgoings. 

While I’m not completely naive about economics and personal finance I’ve never had anything that you would call an investment strategy or really even any long term financial goals.  But this is the year all that changes.  I have already found a couple of blogs I’ll be pouring over in search of sound advice from those who are better at this than me:

  • Youngandthrifty.ca a finance blog for generation Y with a particular insight into Canadian economics (perfect for me!)
  • The quite brilliantly named punchdebtintheface.com which I’ll be honest I’ve not read as much of yet, but with a name like that its got to be awesome!

I may not be a millionaire by May, but if I’m a few dollars better of this time next year I’ll be heading in the right direction.




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