Smile. Natural or cosmetic?

My girlfriend has an awesome smile; it was one of the many things that I instantly liked about her before I had even spoken to her.

I also remember being about 12 and put on the spot on what I liked about a certain girl I replied ‘Her teeth’ this was hilarious to everyone else, what meant was obviously her smile , I just kind of fumbled over the words a bit.

All these years later and I still think that a winning smile is a wonderful thing to have, but I don’t actually have one myself. While I don’t look like a hillbilly I know that my smile could be improved, teeth a little straighter, a little whiter.

I think that perhaps Austin Powers has a lot to answer for, as a Brit expat living in North America I think my smile paranoia has been growing.  Would getting work on the smile over and above fillings etc be tantamount to  cosmetic surgery?  Would the quest for a set of perfect pearly whites make me akin to nothing more than himbo similar to Pammy and her double D’s?

Hmm, for now I’ll just reach for my electric toothbrush and floss regularly…..


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