Crappy fake headphones

Having posted about both my new music purchase and using my Nike+ I thought I’d post about the loose link in the chain between the 2, the headphones.  Ok so I know, before you even say it I know. If I buy cheap stuff off ebay I cant be surprised when it turns out to be crappy and I hold my hands up, I tried to buy cheap.

So the ‘genuine’ headphones I opted for were sennheiser cx380 sports headphones (as seen in the pic).  I figured that even if they were fakes the price they were meant it was just the same as buying a normal pair of cheap headphones, which they  pretty much are.  Am I happy?  Nope.  Previously I owned a pair of Creative ear buds, and the difference in quality is staggering.  I mean the main thing is I bought the Creative ones from a shop and not some faceless interent dude, but now since I have experienced better sound and know how much better my ipod can be I know I have to spend the money and get a decent pair again.

If you have only ever listened to your mp3 player with standard headphones, as in the ones you get with it, I would highly recommend checking out what it can do with a better set of headphones, just don’t try and get some on the cheap!


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