Lost, the final season finally watched

A little behind the schedule set out buy the powers that be at ABC I finally got round to watching the final season of Lost.  I watched it over 3 days as I’m stuck away from home with not a lot to do, which probably helps condense my thoughts on the end of a saga that has been running for 6 years.

Lost TV showI should point out that I loved Lost in its early days but kind of grew tired of what was beginning to feel like a show that should have lasted 3 seasons being stretched for more. Why did I continue to watch?  Well once I started watching it, it was always good enough to make me want to watch it to the end but I was never on the edge of my seat in the last couple of seasons.

I can understand viewers being a bit hacked off with the way it was finished, people who had invested 120 odd hours of their lives into the show not getting the answers to the questions they have, initially I was one too. On reflection I don’t really care that they didn’t reveal some of the answers like why the island escape launched Ben Linus into the Tunisian dessert, a little bit of ambiguity in a story is good, although I think the writers probably went as close as possible with this one before it would have gone into the folder marked ‘crapy TV finales’.

There are definitely some questions I have, which they didn’t get close to answering but you have to already be interpreting the ending the way I did, but the most important one *If you haven’t watched the ending stop reading now* is what the hell is baby Aaron doing in the church at the end? If you subscribe to the thinking that I do which is that the “other” timeline is in fact an afterlife holding pen, (ie. as each of the characters dies they go here to work out the issues they were unable to work out in life before heading on to the true afterlife) this means that those who left the island at the end of the show lived on for years away from the island.  I can understand that for most of them they never experienced anything in their life quiet as important as what happened on the island (although thats a depressing to think that Claire for example never truly loved again) Aaron was a few months old when he left and then turns up as baby at the church.  Isnt that a bit weird?  He did nothing of any merit his entire life?

I should also point out that I read a review for the final that described it as “Art in its truest form” if you in anyway subscribe to this belief do yourself a favour and stop watching TV. Lost was made for the sole function of making money, the video games, T shirts etc highlight this. You enjoyed it, sure, but lets not get carried away eh.

Moving on if you came here looking for answers to Lost questions and feel a bit hard done by check this out, they have something for you.


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