An Education, a brief review


Having heard a fair bit of hype surrounding Carey Muligan’s breakthrough movie thought I would check out ‘An Education’.  I sat down to watch knowing only what was patently obvious from the movie trailer, but I don’t think you need to know anymore and I also don’t think there is anything that can really surprise you in the story itself.  That’s not a criticism and in fact on some occasions it works in favour of the story, in Romeo in Juliet for example the reader is told in the opening lines that the story ends in death, but we still get wrapped up in the tale of
Though neither as complicated or likely to be quite as timeless ‘An Education’ is a very likeable story of a crush that develops into a relationship of  a school girl and older man, a quintessential coming of age story. I think one of the endearing qualities of the movie is that the lead female played by Mulligan is never made out to be stupid, naive certainly, but she is a very intelligent young women who follows her heart, it just doesn’t follow the route she expected.
The rest of the cast are great, and I think that these performances are really what adds depth to the movie, Peter Sarsgaard as the leading male pulls off a pretty decent English accent and oozes the charm his character is supposed to have, and Alfred Molina as the over protective Dad is very enjoyable to watch, but its Rosamund Pike who for me really comes through as giving the best performance of the supporting cast. She seems to head the nail right on the head in finding the balance between a bit of a bimbo,  and the new friend who isn’t quite sure whats going on with the men in their lives but doesn’t really care either.
Carey Muligan is of course the one who garnered most of the rave reviews for her performance and I certainly can’t fault it, I’m looking forward to seeing a few more films with her in the lead as she looks very at home in the leading role and I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more of her over the next few years




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