Bankys, movies & the Simpsons


Billboards are a one-way lecture. Graffiti creates a two-way communication.

Jill Posner (1982)


I watched Banksy’s debut movie Exit through the gift shop the other week while on a flight, I was quite impressed that it had made it onto the planes in-flight movie entertainment selection as the norm is to have as many main stream movies as possible, something which this is definitely not.

The documentary itself is not so much about Banksy as it is about a French/American clothes shop/cameraman named Thierry who is without doubt a little eccentric. The majority of the footage is taken from his recordings but as with most documentaries it is separated by way of short interview segments with various individuals who are in the raw footage.

I’d like to say that I was blown away by the movies bold look into the world of street art, but really I think I just watched a documentary on the downfall of an art form.  The title itself “Exit through the gift shop” I think speaks volumes of the fact that although street art is accessible to all many don’t understand it but part with large sums of money to feel like they are part of the scene.

Since watching the documentary I was also made aware that Banksy had guest directed the opening credits to the Simpsons, I can’t really believe they let it air, maybe the powers that be at Fox think that it will somehow make the Simpsons seem a bit more cutting edge again. I’ll let you decide;


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