A couple of nights and a couple of movies; Triangle and The Game

Despite the disappointment of Frozen (my choice of Halloween movie) I tried again with a low budget horror in Triangle.

I enjoyed this far more than Frozen, for starters it was a hell of a lot more of a mental work out. The premise is simple enough, single mum, played by everyones favourite early 90’s Home and Away star Melissa George, with an autistic child seems very stressed out, go

es on a boat trip with with some one she doesn’t know very well and weird things start to happen till all of a sudden she is fighting for her life. A freak storm,  a damaged yacht and deserted cruise liner all play they part. Oh and did I mention the mentalist with a sack on their head touring the boat looking for blood?

It would be too easy to drop spoilers into a review so I’l try my best not too, the less you know about it the better, but it deals fundamentally with the ideas fear, survival, and death all whilst bobbing about at sea. What it is not is a typical “bad man trying to get you” horror and the movie tries very hard to get you thinking early on and leaves you wondering what could happen next.  Even when you think you know, the movie leaves itself enough ambiguity to keep you guessing as you cant know fir sure you’re right. Certainly worth a watch but I wouldn’t be surprised if people didn’t enjoy, I think you have to be in the right mood, my only real complaint is the fact its blantanly shot in Australia with Australian actors and yet they pretend its set in the USA.  Why?

The second movie I watched (not on the same night) was The Game with Michael Douglas, which is a bit of an oldie now as it was made back in 1997.  It makes me feel old that it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since this ‘new’ movie was being recommended to me by a friend.  Well it only took me 13 years to get round to watching it.  With that kind of lead time its fair to say that I was looking forward to the movie, particularly as I have really enjoyed the directors other work ( Se7en and Fight club in particular)  and with Michael Douglas being wing maned by Sean Penn I really thought I was going to be in for a treat, but in the ned I kind of felt a bit flat about the whole thing.

The movie is centred around a very successful investment banker who is given an original birthday present by his wayward younger brother played by Sean Penn. The gift is a chance to play a game devised by Consumer Recreation Services a company who promise that after a series of mental and physical tests they’ll give him and experience that is missing from his life, or so they claim. What follows is a bit of truth & lies, life or death, and simple downright guessing, it won’t leave you bored but at the same time the movie seems to be lacking something……..a better ending.

The idea behind the movie, the acting and the way it was shot were all great I just really didn’t like the ending.   I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about spoilers on a 13 year old movie however I’ll bite my lip rather than vent the reasons why but fundamentally the movie is centred around the idea of asking the audience what would YOU do, and I don’t think anyone would act the way Michael Douglas’s character did.


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