A brief review of the movie “Frozen”

I watched the movie Frozen last night, and it left me a little out in the cold (dum dum tish sorry I had to say that).

As an avid snowboarder I was looking forward to a horror based on the slopes, and although I cant point the finger at who it was I read a glowing review in a magazine for the film recently . They kinda lied.  The movie isn’t awful, there’s some good dialogue in parts but its doesn’t really go anywhere, I never really felt connected to the characters nor did I think of them as just horror fodder.

Maybe I should have read the review more carefully, maybe it would have given me hints as to how little actually happens in the film, but really I think its the idea of whats happening in the film thats disturbing (being stranded on a chairlift after close on a mountain) rather than the way the deliver the scenario on film.  Bottom line I think they could have done a better job of making that situation scarier.  I reckon a wee think tank of random people coming up with ideas as to what happens next could have come up with a better plot.  Sorry but its true.

I’m routing for the smaller film companies, but like fair trade chocolate unless the products quality makes it  worthwhile I aint going to buy it.


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