Gamer, a brief movie review

Gerard Butler launched into mainstream cinema with 300, although not his debut it certainly highlighted his ability to take the lead as an alpha male. Not only did this spurn many day dreams for many men as leaders fighting the good fight against and evil oppressor but it also spurned many day dreams of a very different kind for many female admirers.

A few Rom-coms later and Mr Butler again took the role of the alpha male in The Gamer.  I wonder if in looking back he wishes he hadn’t. While his performance isn’t bad the movie is.  In 15* years since the similar themed Running Man there seems to have been a leap in technology but a dearth in means of putting the potential pitfalls of that technology into film. Where Arnie’s run out as the lead back in 1987 saw the plot unfold to the backdrop of a ruthless television show The Gamer falls against the backdrop of online gaming, but both were created to solve the problem of a prison system collapsing under the strain modern tyrannise world.

My main problem with The Gamer is how far it stretches into a cliché ridden tale. A bit more subtlety regarding the creation of supporting cast would have added a lot more merit the story as a whole.   I could go into details of each and everyone of the disastrous characters that I mean but I don’t think a further 100 words of negativity would be worth reading, instead I’ll summarise in saying watch the running man again and forget that this was ever made, I bet Gerard Butler has.


1 Response to “Gamer, a brief movie review”

  1. 1 Jack September 28, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    I can summarise this film in one word.


    Seriously – had a lot of potential, what with Michael C Hall and all, but it was a pile of wank.

    In my personal opinion.

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