Lasagna. One of the best things to come out the oven


Arguably one of the greatest food creations ever, rich light creamy sauce combined with deep rich meat ragu wonderfully complex in flavor.  Well it is if it’s created right. When it’s not its woeful, as I rediscovered while staying in a hotel at Heathrow recently.

Ok I’ll admit it in my student days living in the UK there were times when I would sample the offerings from a Findus 99p microwaveable version, by putting it between thick slices of bread you get a cheap hot sandwich that age 18 didn’t seem to bad, but those days are gone, thankfully.

I was so disappointed in what the hotel had given me (all £18 of it) I went decided to put together my version again, which is based heavily on a Delia Smith recipe with a few tweaks.  When it’s made correctly its awesome, the problem is that it’s a time intensive process.  At 6 hours to make you need to have decided you want it for dinner at breakfast time.  Unfortunately I have to be honest and say that this incarnation was not the best, too much chopped tomatoes made the whole thing to moist and ultimately not as presentable as it should be.  Still tasted awesome though!


2 Responses to “Lasagna. One of the best things to come out the oven”

  1. 2 thethoughtherder September 27, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Unfortunately it wasn’t around long enough for photo’s on the plus side, it won’t be the last time I make it!

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