Boredom, negativity and Fox News

Yesterdays post about the movie Salt was a bit negative, that’s not really the point of my blog.  There are plenty of negative people out there moaning and whining about stuff that I don’t really want to join in.  

I’ll put it down to the frustration of spending too much time away from home and working too many hours.  I’m currently stuck a few thousand miles from home, waiting to do a very specific piece of work in the middle of the sea. As such, I’m bobbing about killing time, watching movies, and generally being very bored.  Normally I have a bunch of pet projects I can be working on but my laptop hard drive crapped out and I’m currently on a rebuilt version with none of my personal stuff on it.

I do have a whooping 6 channels of TV to watch

  1. National Geographic
  2. TLC
  3. Fox News
  4. Some movie channel
  5. 24hr infomercials 1
  6. 24hr infomercials 2

 The selection gets old fast.  I have to say though I am surprised how bad Fox News is.  I don’t normally watch it but channel surfing 6 channels means I get there regularly at the moment, and I shudder to think that some people may accept their crap as actual news.  I actually feel sorry for any of  the reporters on there that studied journalism and ended up there, every news outlet may have some bias but the agenda driven bile the spew is an insult to the idea of free press. 

Wait am I getting negative again?

Damn it. 

I’ll put the laptop down and go back to channel surfing.  The infomercials can continue to give be an insight into how I can make $100k a month working 2 hours a week even in this economy.   What? Its more realistic than Fox News…..


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