Salt. A movie with a salty aftertaste

I watched the movie Salt with no real expectations, just some time to kill.  

**May contain spoilers** (but is nut free)

The movie Salt is a fast paced and action based spy thriller set in the near future.   With Salt the action fits the storyline and comes in well-timed palpitations between dialogue and story building,  but in the end, after all is said and done, the movie feels a bit average.

The story itself is a bit far-fetched, but doesn’t require the audience to go too far in the world of make belive when you consider you’re already being asked to believe that a 80lb malnourished women is actually capable of doing half the energetic things she attempts in the movie despite looking like she has taken part in an optional famine and certainly not had any breakfast. Please don’t take my comments the wrong way, I’m not suggesting that an 80lb woman couldn’t do the things in the movie, I’m just saying it would be a woman who is supposed to be 80lbs, not just skinny for the cameras.

Actually that’s not true.  The story line is ridiculously far-fetched.

Some of its principles such as that many Russian spies have been ‘sleeping’ in the USA for years waiting to go live, seem fine to me.  The idea that this was achieved by a Russian baby swapping super spy who had hundreds of children at his disposal does not.

As for the cast, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m a fan of Chiwetel Ejiofor, his performance in Children of Men is underrated, Liev Schrieber was solid but he is starting to seem a bit type cast in the parts he gets.  I mean this, Scream, Omen, and especially the Manchurin Candiate, bit of theme developing no? 

And there is Miss Jolie.  Angie, Angie, Angie. Whats happening?  You seem hell-bent on becoming the new Michael Jackson with the amount of plastic surgery you’re having.  Once upon a time it was the imperfection of your looks that made you so hot but now you’re going down a slippery slope of nips and tucks that combined with losing all your curves are turning you into something else. Please come back.

In summary an average film, crazy plot, good action but the lead needs a lunch break.


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