Ways to destroy my cell phone

I hate my cell phone.  I don not hate cell phones per se its the specific cellphone I have at the moment that it the cause of my rage.

It’s just shit.  Basic features that should work don’t, the screen on the front broke somehow, I still feel it could have been an attempt to self destruct and the most infuriating of all the predictive text is abysmal. Simple words like ‘if’ and ‘road’ aren’t in there and its a bloody nightmare just typing stuff the old-fashioned way when the buttons are crap and it seems hell bent on trying to stop me typing what I want.

So as I have moved, this phone is surplus to requirements, its only a pay as you go that was supposed to fill the void left by my company issue phone a year ago and I have never got round to going back on contract.  In order that I can send-off this little piece of technological piss fittingly any suggestions on how to see it never gets used again and disappoints another owner are welcome.


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