Fishing, relaxation with an edible end

As part of my drive to live like a toursit in my own back yard for the next few weeks before I move again I tried my hand at fishing.  Fishing isnt somthing that I have ever been drawn towards before as I always thought it bascilly invovled standing around and getting a bit bored.

That really doesnt entice me.

However I ended up fishing as part of a friends stag do a few years ago and realized that fishing was really about being outside with some friends, catching up and talking about whatever with optional beer intake thrown into the mix. That said, the stag do was in 2002 so I didn’t exactly rush to buy a rod.

This time round I had the help of a guide who took me to a couple of different lakes and gave my lessons on everything and anything fishing related and the opportunity to try my hand at different casting techniques. This time there was no beer, or a huge group of friends, but I did get to chill out in the great outdoors, with eagles looping overhead and at one point an otter popped up about 5 meters from me to say hello and check out how my day was going (he may have been telling me to stop thieving his fish, but I don’t talk otter) all in all it was a pretty awesome day.  We had these single person floating things, kinda like a half dingy, to sit on and it was really peaceful just bobbing up and down.

I did catch a rainbow trout but let him head back to his mates, I don’t mind catching something and keeping it if I’m going to eat it, and I’ve gutted fish before, it just seemed the day had been too nature orientated to take any of it home with me.

My catch (above)held by the guide.

Our guide had said “The trip is about being outside and enjoying the day, catching something is just a bonus”.  Too true.


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