Chaos Theory; Say yes to whim! Say yes to chance! Say yes to chaos

Another day another movie and this time I watched Chaos Theory.

Its a relatively low budget movie from 2007 that completely slipped under my radar.  I’m kinda surprised that more hasn’t been made of the movie as I really enjoyed it, it has the right mix of comedy/drama, has a great soundtrack and is well cast. I think Ryan Reynolds is brilliant and the same could be said of co-stars Emily Mortimor and Sarah Chalke.  In fact for a movie like this I don’t know who would serve the roles better.

The basic premise of the movie is that Frank Allen (Ryan Reynolds) is a meticulous time keeper and lives his life by the lists he makes, for him without a list life is chaos. Then one day he misses his ferry to the main land where he is due to give a speech on efficient use of time and what happens next is a spiral of events as his life gets turned upside down, and the result is that he take the decision to leave his life up to chance.

The movie  follows Allen streaking at ice hockey matches, fighting in bars and buying Harleys.  Its a fun ride and has the right mix of enough comedy to make it funny but enough drama to keep you interested in the characters, fundamentally a romantic comedy with more honesty and snappier writing than most.


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