From T-shirt to crop-top

I am moving again.  A few different moves over the last few years, each time relocating thousands of kilometers should mean that I am getting better at this.

The jury is still out.

But what I do know is that I need to have a clothes cull before I leave and ditch the ruined clothes and hand over the rest of what I dont need (or what I am not prepared to shift half way round the world) to the charity shop.  Thing is I have a heap of t-shirts that are in good condition, and that I still really like but the seem to be shrinking.  Not so much on the belly (thankfully) but getting shorter.

My jeans haven’t changed so I am content that I’m not turning into a leprechaun, but it’s still really annoying.  No doubt this is due to my inability to read labels properly, or use a dryer effectively but it means anyone who has a shorter than normal mid section and visits the second-hand store in a the next couple of weeks is on to a winner.


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