Pitch & putt escapades

I went for a short pitch and putt session yesterday, which was the first time I’ve picked up a golf club in years.  Its not that I don’t like golf, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have gone yesterday, its more that I’m not very good and have never had any inclination to get any better.

I have always lived no more than 10 minutes away from a golf course my entire life, it seems that when ever we moved house we invariably ended up beside one, but as a child I just remember being told off for messing around rather than ‘playing’ golf. For me ‘playing’ insinuated that fun would be involved and standing around waiting for people to hit a golf ball didn’t seem like much fun at all.  Where was the running!?!  Suffice to say I ditched the golf and went back to anything else that involved a bit more exercise and  excitement.

I also have only ever really encountered golfers who were quite stuffy and elitist, when I was around 9 years old my teacher  wanted to take some pictures of the club house for a school project but got refused entry to the golf course because she was a women. WTF?

Now I’m older, a wee bit rounder and not quite so fussed to spend every minute getting out of breath I can kind of see the attraction. Getting outside on a sunny day in the fresh air is always a winner but the golf just gives you a reason to do it. Also when chatting to another guy on the course he beamed “Yep, there’s nothing like a couple of joints, a beer and hitting a few golfballs on a sunny day” seems that teh elistest attitiude took a pass on the golfers up here.

The 3 par pitch and putt course I took on yesterday is in a fantastic setting, mountains surround a tree lined course with lakes and eagles overhead. I didn’t bother keeping score and truth be told I lost 3 balls into the lake on the final hole so called it a day early but it was still a good time.

Not my picture but its of the course so you get an idea of why I think I’ll go back for more.


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