From Fact to Zombiefiction; Food Inc & Zombieland

I am spending my time doing more than just watching movies at the moment its just I’m just not doing much else that would warrant blogging about. Yesterday I watched a couple of movies, they are linked in a weird and wonderful way, if you can guess by the time you get to the bottom of the post you win a prize.

The first was Food Inc a documentary that highlights a selection of key aspects of the food industry in the USA.  I was hesitant to watch this one, not because I have no interest in the subject matter but because I was dubious that it would be a pro vegetarian movie that would use a montage of shocking images of animals to put me off my food.  My worries were unfounded and what really transpired was a movie highlights corporate greed, government protectionism and its effects on arguably the most important industry in the US.  I believe that the movie is stronger for not going over the top with the ‘OOOh companies are bad, look at this footage’ and instead highlights the fundamental aspects that need fixed in the system such as the statutory laws and agencies charged with ensuring a safe, open and transparent food industry flourishes in the US.

Secondly I watched Zombieland, a horror/comedy based in a world where zombies own the streets and two survivors meet up and agree to stick together as they cross the US.  A run in with 2 more stranglers, sisters on their way to Pacific Play land fun park (no line ups for the best rides in a zombie world I guess), the 4 piece has some trust issues but ultimately gets along.  I think the best way to describe it is as a fun movie, it doesn’t take itself to seriously, doesn’t offer any scares but does offer laughs. The Bill Murray cameo is great and I think that although only a short piece of the film the scenes at his house are possibly my favourite.  When the world has gone to shit why not strap a vacuum to your back and act out scenes from ghostbusters?

A word on cast; I don’t really know much about the lead Jesse Esienberg but I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Michael Cera, although not related (that I know of) it just kinda seemed like I was watching his big brother due to his mannerisms etc. Secondly I really like Emma Stone, everything I have seen I her in so far she has been really good and I look forward to seeing her in more films, her small role in ‘Ghosts of girlfriends past’ eclipsed McConaughey and Garner for me.

And as for the link between the two…………..I’ve been meaning to watch the movie “Go Further” in which it shows a chicken in a can for sale at a grocery store. Hmmm good, anyway that movie stars Woody Harleson in the lead role and it made me think about watching Zombieland.  Tedious link?  Definitely but a link nonetheless.


1 Response to “From Fact to Zombiefiction; Food Inc & Zombieland”

  1. 1 Lady M April 1, 2010 at 2:03 am


    I’ve been thinking about the link between Zombieland and Food Inc too. I haven’t seen ‘Go Futher’ (though I may); the link for me between the films came with the mention in Zombieland of how the virus is introduced to humanity – a burger from a fast food outlet! In Food Inc, the film discusses cases of (mass?)food poisoning that have occurred because of the processes involvled in the feeding and then manufacturing of beef.

    The other issue that makes the link clearer is Food Inc’s discussion of the ‘zombiefication’ (my term, not the film’s) of people who work in mass production industries (repetitive work, repetive actions, mindless and mind-numbing)and the inhumanity with which such workers are treated.

    I don’t know if the film makers saw Food Inc before making Zombieland – but it seems likely that something similar informed their ideas of what makes us human and what make us ‘zombies’. Thanks for the post 🙂

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