Inglorious Basterds; Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France…

I got round to watching Inglorious Basterds the other night after being pretty underwhelmed by the trailers back when the publicity for Quentin Tarantino’s latest directorial outing was in overdrive I hadn’t rushed to the movies, or the rental store.  Don’t get me wrong I like Tarantino’s work but I just didn’t feel drawn to  his latest stuff, Grindhouse, Deathproof or Inglorious Basterds.

In hindsight, I’m now probably going to be checking out both Grindhouse and Deathproof.

Ok, so its not the perfect movie, I don’t think Brad Pitt is as good as he could be, (the jaw line thing is a bit mental) it requires a complete disregard for common sense and a knowledge of history and it probably gorier than it needs to be.

On the plus side the performance of Christopher Waltz is outstanding, I’d never heard of him before this film but will look out for his next work with interest.  The story is ‘different’ and in a world of “same old, same old” thats a good thing. It marries up comedy into a war movie complete with gore, whilst typing that seems wrong (comedy and atrocity) but remembering Donald Sutherland as Oddball in Kelly Heroes reminds me that the two can go hand in hand (but I’m still not sold on the gore tbh).

All in all I think I enjoyed it more having watched it a bit grudgingly, but isn’t that often the way?  This movie certainly isn’t for everyone and I imagine it will have a bit of a marmite effect on most, had it been made on a slightly lower budget by an unknown director it would have achieved cult status for sure, but as Tarantino is anything but an ‘unknown’ it has to make it with the blockbusters in its own right.


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