Lack of decent magazines

I used to buy a lot of magazines, I would say at a minimum a couple a month, every month for years.  I remember having a copy of FHM when it was very much a fashion magazine for men (although I didn’t actually buy it, I was 12) back when they still put men on the front cover opposed to scantily clad women.   I went through the stages of buying Maxim, Loaded, FHM in its hey day and even going back to Sky magazine.  No not the TV supplement that comes through the door but a mens magazine from the 80’s/90’s.

They brought me pictures of Cameron Diaz when all I had seen her in was ‘The Mask”, for that the 14 year old in me will always be thankful.

As time passed and my tastes changed I starting buying more varied publications, a large selection of cooking magazines, Olive was always a good one for some weekend recipes, and Men’s Health for trips to the gym to burn back off the extra weight created by the aforementioned recipes.

The upsurge in internet news means that I no longer need a magazine that tells me about out of date happenings, and more over offers me 3 pages of adverts for everyone of topical info, I can find recipes quicker and easier for free with a little help from google.

These days though, I stare at the magazine rack and end up walking away empty handed, I occasionally buy Men’s Health, but I don’t go to the gym anymore, I sometimes buy Snowboarding mags but as much as I love it I’m not that fussed to read about it.

Is it too much to ask to get something interesting to read thats not a novel?


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