Another look at X files season 3; War of the Coprophages

When I’m not watching too many movies, i’m normally watching too many TV shows.  I cant stand watching them on TV with ad breaks so normally pick up box sets at a later date or record and watch them later. To be honest I’ve only just bothered to get cable again for the first time since I moved back in April.  On the whole TV sucks because of too may commercial breaks.

Gripe over, back to X files.

I’ve just started watching X files again and I’m onto season 3, I’ve not watched it since it was ‘new’ so my memory of the episdoes is hazy which makes for good re runs.

Tonight I watched “War of the Coprophages” which sounds very grand and threatening but really it was probably the funniest episode of X files I’ve ever seen. Whilst the series as a whole can be quite dark the banter between Mulder and Scully is light hearted, the jokes simple and funny but with hidden quirks thrown in there too. For example in a episode centred around killer cockroaches one is made to look like its running across your TV set, the sign of a show thats looking to entertain rather than just take itself too seriously.

Throw in a over the top hot looking entomologist called “Bambi” wearing little shorts to show a bit of leg and it almost feels like you’re watching Bond.


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