I was a PC, now I’m a Mac.

I made the switch just before Christmas.  My laptop (an asus) was dying a slow death, no longer able to function unless plugged into the wall and always seeming like it was overheating. I decided enough was enough and it needed to be replaced.

Nearly everyone I spoke to who heard me mention my thoughts on the Mac recommended it without hesitation.  I dont really need it it for anything ‘heavy’ its manily for for internet access,  photo’s and very basic video editing, but it was these final 2 points that swayed me in the end in opting for the Mac.

I have to say after my initial couple of months, although I’m not disappointed as such i’m by no means “wow’d” either.  I dunno if I am missing something fundamental but I’m not sure what I have gained that a laptop (pc)of the same price wouldn’t have offered me.  Well it would have offered me an SD card slot (what were you thinking apple? (or what was I thinking but not spotting that))

We’ll see how I feel a couple more months down the line.


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