I’m still here!

I know that it has been a very long time between posts, I’ve been busy (no doubt I’m not alone) with the Christmas period and despite doing lots of interesting stuff I haven’t really found myself writing about any of it.

I think this is mainly because I’ve been crazy tired al ot of the time, taking time off work to go to San Diego meant putting in some extra hours, combined with my girlfriend being in the same situation and me playing taxi driver taking her to and from work I’ve had less sleep time than I would like.   Well thats not strictly true, part of the tiredness also comes from wanting to be out and up the mountain snowboarding when ever I have a day off, its these days where previously I would more likely post something.

I would have liked to share some of the footage I took with my new helmet cam from up the mountain snowboarding but wordpress doesn’t like the format, so its back to the drawing board on that one……


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