A quick film festival review…….

A managed to catch a few movies yesterday afternoon, mainly shorts.  I still have the pass (score!) so I may get some more in this avo.

From what I watched the 3 that stood out (all shorts) were;

Big headTen-year-old Billy is mercilessly teased at school because he has a large cranium. He learns that one of his classmates has found a way to get a new nose, so he decides to do everything he can to modify his own perceived flaw. This dark comedy rings true for every kid who was bullied for something that was not wrong with them. 

Great short film and the young actors involved all handle their parts great.  I don’t know why it just really struck a chord with me.

Tucker.  I really didn’t think I was going to like this one in the opening couple of minutes as it seemed a bit awkward, but once it got into its flow (not long in) I really enjoyed it.  A little bit Benjamin Button esq, this tale sees the creation, birth, teenage, middle age and old age of Tucker in the space of one night at a party which his teenage mother has thrown while her mum is out of town.

Short Term 12. Where the other 2 movies listed above had a serious point but laugh out loud moments Short Term 12 was defiantly more on the serious side.  It takes you on a insight into the residential housing for children who have been affected by child abuse and neglect.   Honest but not preachy, it’s a great film.  This was the only one where I recognized a cast member, Brad William Henke (from Lost).

I would recommend each of them and as they are shorts, if you don’t like them no problem they don’t last long!


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