State of Play

I just finished watching State of Play, the TV series, for the first time.  I’d watched the movie on a flight recently and enjoyed it so thought I would check out the original to see how it compared, I remember when it was on TV (I still lived in the UK back in 2003) and loads of people told me how good it was but I just hadn’t been home when it was on.

First and foremost; what a cast!  For me it’s a motley crew worthy of any Hollywood block buster in its own right; Bill Nighy, John Sim, James McAvoy, Kelly McDonald and Philip Glenister playing the ‘hard man’ copper years before he played it so well against John Simm again in Life on Mars.  I realize that John Simm perhaps doesn’t have the USA resume of Nighy, McAvoy or McDonald (the latter was superb in No Country for Old Men) but I think he is perhaps my favorite of the bunch.  Why he hasn’t made the move to some more big screen stuff like McAvoy is beyond me?

Although I watched Hollywood’s take on it first I think they did a pretty good job of updating and condensing 6 hours of story into 2hrs and still managing to keep it credible.  I don’t want to go into too much detail and risk spoiling the storyline but if you have seen neither I would recommend both, but more so the miniseries. A few more sub plots to the tale and a perfect example of TV done well is worth picking up on DVD and watching on the cold winter nights.


1 Response to “State of Play”

  1. 1 scotiaa January 13, 2011 at 1:11 am

    i loved the BBC version

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