5 Best winter Olympic events

With the winter Olympics now less than 100 days away I thought I would have a winter Olympic themed fantastic 5 on friday;

Ice Hockey.  Fast paced and physical game that can change in the blink of an eye, puts grown men on ice, gives them all sticks and then asks them not to hurt each other.  Good luck. 

Ski Jump.  Ever since Eddy the Eagle Edwards practiced on his shed roof for this event I’ve always kept an eye on it.  Must take some serious guts to hurtle down a steep hill, going flying off a ramp and hoping not to die.

Border X.  Fun to watch and fun to do, it gained infamy at the last Olympics when the US boarder (Lindsey Jacobellis)had the gold within her grasp and threw it all away by trying to perform a grab at the final jump.

Skeleton.  Again with the guts, but maybe going head first on a tray down a chute covered with ice should just be called what it is.  Crazy. 

Super G.  I’ve never watched Olympic Super G live before, or any Olympic event for that matter but once you have ski- boarded- fallen on a ski hill you realize what kind of gradient these people fly down at and at what kind of speeds.  There seems to be a common theme of guts or mental illness between winter Olympic athletes.

Runner up was snowboarder half pipe, good to watch but when so much is on the line its almost to clinical and to perfect that really watching these guys practice and trying new stuff is more fun.


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