Halloween movie choice; Trick r Treat

I’m not a big fan of the horror genre, I think its been ruined by too many movies that base a film round a sick idea then write a story opposed to a story written with the inclusion of some shocking moments.  I just thought I should put that out there before I go any further.trick r treat

Since it was Halloween though I thought I should get back in the mix and try watching something different, the winner in the choice stakes was Trick r Treat, partly because it actually based around Halloween and not just a random horror and it stars Brian Cox and Anna Paquin who I think  are generally pretty good. 

The movie itself is really 4 short stories each interwoven to create the overall feature, if you watch carefully enough from in front of the couch rather than behind you can catch glimpses of characters from each of the stories in the background of others to help give the movie some continuity. 

Each of the movies involves an element of something that you would expect in a horror movie, a bit of death, a dash of the undead and a hint of supernatural. But in the end if never really cranks up the scares, suspense or the gore to really get you squirming.  I’d say that was a good thing if the story was more solid but the 4 mini movies mean that you never really get the same character development of plot to really get you involved.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much as I stated at the beginning this generally isn’t my genre, but think hardcore horror fans will be disappointed and there is no extra element that will help turn this movie into a classic Halloween picture. 

Best suited to the easily frightened who want to embrace a ‘scary’ movie once a year at Halloween.


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